Travel Planning Tip

You can use an astrological chart to decide a good time and day to leave for a vacation to a foreign city.  What does this mean exactly?  You can think of the moment you depart your home to go to another city as a new beginning.  You can choose the moment of that new election chart with astrology.. You can elect a day and time for almost anything.

I looked at the next month, October 2016, to see if I could find a good election for foreign travel.  I found one that is decent, not fabulous, but usable.  The reality is there will always be something in this type of chart that you wished could be a little better.

The 9th House is Foreign Travel

For a foreign travel chart I’ll be talking about the 9th house of the chart mainly.  (See my Basics page for house descriptions).  The chart I found is for Oct 18 2016 2:54pm PDT (Los Angeles time zone).  There are three planets in Libra on the day and I was able to get them in the 9th house of the chart.  These are good planets to have in the 9th, they are the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter.  In a day chart, which this is, Jupiter is the planet that can bring the most fortune and it is the house related to the matter at hand.  Mercury represents communication and transportation, always handy when traveling, and again, it is in the house related to travel.  These are good things in the chart.  It is too close the Sun though to bring its full effect in, but still helpful. The Sun brings life and creativity to the journey.

The Rising Sign is Start Time

The ascendant or rising sign does not have a great ruler in this chart.  Aquarius is rising and Saturn is its ruler.  In a day chart Saturn is the day malefic.  It can cause problems in other words.  Saturn is in an okay sign and in a good house, the 11th.  Venus is also in the 11th  and conjunct the Midheaven which is good. Venus is in Jupiter’s sign and vice versa, this means they mutually receive each other which is good considering Saturn is in the same sign as Venus.

What Problems are Okay?

The worst planet in this chart is Mars.  It is located in the 12th house a close conjunction to Pluto. The 12th house is a weak house and it does not aspect the rising sign, which is what we want.  It really can’t manifest martian problems.

The problems that could arise are later in the vacation.  These problems would come from Saturn and be concerning friends and socializing.  Saturn is in the house of friends and it is opposite the Moon in the 5th house of socializing.  If you are visiting friends in a foreign country, for example, then there could be unseen restrictions or limits that impact your visit once you get there. This chart would be best used by someone not visiting friends or traveling with friends.

Departure Moment

The time chosen for the chart is the time you want to leave your home.  This is the moment most astrologers consider your travel as officially starting, it is the moment you are away from home.  So once you have the day and time you want to start your vacation then you need to figure out your time allowances for getting yourself to the airport, train, or bus station. The chosen or elected time is not the time your flight should start.  Choose a flight time you know can make after the chosen time you are leaving your home.

Choosing a good day and time can create the best vacation you have ever had. It takes just a little planning.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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