Eclipse of Pisces Moon

We are in the middle of eclipse season.  I’ve heard lots of strange stories lately from acquaintances, but Mercury Retrograde is so well known now that everything is being attributed to that. So much astrological activity right now, the snafus are coming from many different directions. The eclipses are one of those directions.

What is an eclipse?

An eclipse is in simple terms is when either the light of the Moon or the Sun gets blocked. This can be completely blocked out light or it can be just partially blocked light. Now think about this: life exists because we have light from the Sun. Earth’s atmosphere is affected most by our Moon and secondarily by the Sun. When the light heading towards Earth is blocked it has a dramatic affect on our planet. For a few minutes we are not getting that light. Eclipses don’t last long in duration, but the results can last up to a year afterward.

Lunar Eclipse Sept 16, 2016

This coming Friday we are having our last lunar eclipse of the year. Lunar eclipse = full moon. It will be 2 days before a Perigee moon. Perigee is the term for when the Moon is at its closest to Earth for that month. Every month the Moon’s distance to Earth changes. Each month it moves to a furthest point and then its closest point. Some months it is closer and other months it is further. A normal full moon is a time of its most light viewed from Earth because of how the planetary bodies line up with the Sun. When a lunar eclipse happens the light of the Moon is being blocked, it is not now at its most lightest and brightest.

Eclipse After Affects

In astrology we look to see if the position of the eclipse lands on a sensitive point in birth chart, nation chart or weather chart. It has to be very close to the exact position of the eclipse to be considered under the influence of the eclipse (within 2 degrees). If an eclipse lands on a sensitive point in a chart it is blocking the light to that point. This means it can “suffer” from the lack of light. Unfortunate things can happen around these eclipse seasons. The other thing to note is that it is important to keep in mind what the other  planets are doing  during these eclipses, they can mitigate the bad affects of the eclipse. So we don’t want to look at just the eclipse, there are many things happening (profection, solar return, planetary periods etc.) at the same time for any given chart. There are good things that can happen too because the good is outweighing the eclipse.

Plan for Eclipses

My posts always come back to planning. If we know what the planets are doing ahead of time why not plan for them? Every year we have two eclipse seasons and you can plan your year, next three years, or more by looking up the eclipses for each year. Do any of them land on a sensitive point in your chart? or your children’s chart? or your spouse’s chart?  Next year, 2017, we have a Solar eclipse Feb 26 at 8 degrees Pisces, Lunar eclipse Feb 11 at 22 degrees Leo. Then Aug 7 we have a Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aquarius, Aug 21 we have Solar eclipse at 29 degrees Leo. If those land on important points in your chart you should look up the full chart and evaluate it.

Not only that but you can plan other things around these eclipse seasons. You don’t want to start something new during an eclipse, look how the Titanic turned out.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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