Xmas LA Weather

LA weather forecast for Christmas week, Happy Solstice! This is The weather week of December. Venus is a big trigger to several big planet aspects. It is a last quarter moon which means our atmosphere is usually more unstable. Full moon to last quarter is more storms occur. The moon is 29 degrees Virgo.

12/20 & 21- Moon is on the 4th angle, cool and blustery.

12/22 & 23- Electrical storms building. Cloudy, cold windy.

12/24- Saturn aspects Uranus, Stormy, cold, windy, you name it..

12/25 & 26- Cold with Wind, not as bad as day before. Venus activates Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus.

12/27- Storm settles and warms a bit.

LA won’t be the worst in the country, the storm will hit Central USA most.

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