5 Astro Reasons to Plan for the Holidays Now

We are entering the holiday season very soon. Halloween activities and parties are coming, Thanksgiving with the usual family drama, Christmas/Hanukah parties and shopping galore. Followed up by the pressure of New Year’s Eve. I write this the day Mercury is about to go direct, that is always a relief.  Scheduling can now commence.  Plan around or for what the planets are doing to create a more fun filled and less stressful holiday time.

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Reason #1– Pick a good night for a party.  Not all nights are equal, the moon will change signs and the contacts it makes to other planets are different depending on the night and time. A Saturn like halloween party will not be fun.  It is obvious the weekend is the ideal time, but which weekend? and is there a weeknight that is actually astrologically better? Also, Mars joins with Pluto the month of October, better to have a party after this then before it.

Reason #2– We can’t choose when to have Thanksgiving of course, but we can choose the right start time for the big dinner.  If you know the planetary action happening then you’ll be prepared for the type of drama or uncomfortable situation that will come up.  Choose the right time and activities can go really well, choose the a bad timed much arguing can ensue.  The best start time for Thanksgiving dinner this earths year is 5:30pm pacific time.  If you start it before 5:30 there will be lots of conflict and good things planned won’t get realized. If you start after 6:00pm or later it will just be kind of blah, okay, but not fun. 5:30pm pacific time is the perfect time that day.

Reason #3–  I’m sure you know Mercury goes retrograde several times a year and that we have one more left for the year.  I’ll give you a hint, it’s in December.  That makes prepping time in December a really top notch hassle.  When Mercury is retro it is a bad time to buy new things (especially tech stuff), schedule appointments with new people, start a new venture and travel.  So you see how it can put a kink in the Christmas/Hanukah planning.  If you want to reduce stress this holiday season and not have gifts break or have to be returned then be done buying all gifts by December 10.  If you really have to shop Black Friday weekend then just shop on that Friday, not the Saturday or Sunday.

Reason #4– One of the weeks in December will have major weather.  This is good to know for such things as wanting most of your guests to actually show up at your holiday party. Bad weather can be a major deterrent to go out at night. It is also a big deterrent for traveling as well.  If you know what days are going to be bad, why would you travel those days and get stuck in it or stranded somewhere?

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Reason #5–  Lots of travel happens in December, wouldn’t it be nice to know the worst days to avoid for travel?  What also helps is making all your travel plans about 3-4 weeks before Mercury goes retrograde.  The worst days not related to bad weather are Dec 18, 19, 20.

You too can Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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