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Why do I need an appointment? It is required to book an appointment to try on wedding gowns so that you have the full attention of our dedicated consultants. Here at Bella Bridal Gallery, it is our mission to give you the best possible service and meet all of your bridal needs. Booking an appointment […]

via 10 things to Know Before You Schedule Your Bridal Appointment —

Wedding dress shopping can be difficult or it can be easy. If you use astrology to choose dates and times to shop it can make your search easy. Here is how astrology can help you with some of the items in the above shared post. These are my reasons to use astrology to days and times for this important shopping event.

#1- Make an appointment in advance to look at wedding dresses. It is easy to avoid specific difficult astrological occurrences like Mercury retrograde if trying to book an appointment months in advance. The actual start time on a given day can make a big difference in how this shopping experience goes. Example: We want the sign that is rising to be ruled by a “good” planet, preferably not Saturn and definitely not Mars since this type of shopping will probably be done during the day.

#2- Bringing a trusted friend to your wedding dress appointment is what most people do. You don’t really want to get into an argument with your friend, correct?  Picking a day that has many tense planetary configurations, such as the Moon contacting Mars, could do just that.   Just moving your appointment to a day later can make a difference, maybe a Sunday is better than a Saturday.

#3- Sticking to your budget for a wedding dress is always emotional. You love the dress but it’s over the budget. You can plan for this not to happen by where you put Saturn in the astrological  chart for the time and day of the appointment. You can find a dress you love and fits in your budget.

#4- Trunk shows can be exciting but stressful. You find a dress you love, but then you have decide right then if it is “the One”. Obviously you should wait till you’ve seen many dresses before going to a trunk show since you’ll have a better idea of what you like for sure. Choosing the best possible day and time to view a trunk show will give you an advantage of feeling confident when you find an amazing dress. The chart can be set up so you will have the confidence to recognize what you want.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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