Trick or Treat Time

Start Time

Halloween is coming up and then the big holidays start rolling in.  Just because we are stuck with a date doesn’t mean we can’t optimize the time we start the event the day of the holiday.  Our holidays are set dates every year. Halloween is always October 31st. If your kids are going trick or treating you can pick the time they start out in the neighborhood. This is an election chart, trying to pick the best time to begin an activity or event. The planetary positions are not going to be the same every year on that particular day so the same time won’t always be the ideal. The moment your kids leave the house is the moment of the beginning of the event. If you pick the best possible time then you have the best possible chance for fun filled successfull evening. This year in Southern California area the best time to start is 2:30pm, which is quite early I know. The alternative situation for young children is to have a pre-party before going trick or treating. Start your Halloween get together at 2:30 for an hour or so and then go trick or treating. Of course this year Halloween is on a school day so it may not be possible if the school dayhas just ended, depends on your neighborhood.

Night Time Start

There is another possible start time later, though, it is more appropriate for teens. There just isn’t a decent start time after 2:30pm until much later. These times are for people hosting an activity or event. If you are going to someone else’s event then keep in mind that you don’t have to be at the event for these start times I give you. If you aren’t hosting an event then you can leave your house at these start times to go to the event. For teens and adults hosting Halloween events you can start festivities at 6:45pm. This would be the official start time, then just let your guests arrive on their own time.

Nothing is Perfect

These times for this Halloween are the best for this day, they are not the most ideal. They are definitely much better then any other start times that day. Really good times are not frequent, there are only a few each month, why not use the best you can get?

Use Astrology to Plan Success ! 



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