Los Angeles Weather Feb 2017

This is the weather for LA the week of Feb 3-10. It’s a first quarter moon at 15 degrees Taurus. There is an influence from Saturn but it doesn’t get triggered by the other planets. It only gets triggered by the moon. Saturn brings storms normally but this time around it’s not much of a storm.

Feb 3- Mostly a nice warm and windy day, Mercury squares Jupiter.

Feb 4 & 5- Cool, gray with clouds.

Feb 6- Moon opposes Saturn bringing moisture, could be some rain. Windy because Mercury enters a new sign.

Feb 7 & 8- Cool, scattered clouds and windy.

Feb 9- Temps start to go up, moon crosses an angle in Leo which is a hit and dry sign.

Feb 10- Breezy and warm Mercury sextile Venus.

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