Thanksgiving Dinner Time

The American tradition has arrived again. Thanksgiving. No matter how you celebrate it you can choose the best time possible to start your festivities or just a big fat dinner.

How can astrology help?

With family gatherings there is often family baggage brought in. Bad communication, a sarcastic remark, and veiled insults are just some of the mild possibilities. Not all families experience this I am happy to say, but the reality is the best dramatic Thanksgiving stories are derived from the family baggage. Pick a good time to start your dinner and there is likely to be less family drama. Focus on the good food, not the gossip.

Good Times

Thanksgiving is always on the last Thursday of November so we don’t get to pick what day it is. We can just hope that there is a decent time to start the festivities. We are in luck this year. There a 2 times that are considered good for that day. They are not perfect, but they are good.
For Pacific Standard Time we 4:40pm and 7:35pm.

In this chart we have Gemini rising which is good for superficial conversations, nothing too heavy. The better time is 4:40pm, the Sun is about to set and is in aspect to the rising sign keeping the host connected to the guests. Mercury rules the rising sign and is in the 7th house. 7th house is an angle which is good and strong.  Mercury rules the 4th house as well and this is the house of home and family so Mercury supports home and family. The Moon is very important in this time of chart and it is in the 5th house about to join up with Jupiter. Jupiter is the most favorable planet in a day chart. Being in the 5th house brings a good and fun time for the dinner event. They are both in aspect to Venus which is the ruler of Libra, the sign that the Moon and Jupiter  are in.

The not so great part of this chart is that the ruler of the Libra Moon, Venus, is in the 8th house which does not aspect the rising sign. It can be overlooked in this chart, though, because the dinner is only going to last a few hours. Thanksgiving is not a long term event in which case the condition of the Moon’s ruler would need to be very good; it is not in this chart.

The other not so great part is Mars in this chart. It is in a weak house where can not manifest a great amount of conflict, but it is very close to the MC. The MC is the highest point of the chart meaning it is the highest point the Sun traveled on that day in that location. It is a sensitive point in any chart. What does this mean? There can be some conflict that arises, but since the ruler of the MC and Mars is in the 7th house any conflict can be managed well.

After Sunset

If you have to wait till after the Sun sets to start your dinner then use the 7:35pm time. This will put Saturn in the 6th house, a weak house, which is much better for a night chart.  The chart becomes Cancer rising ruled by the Moon which is in the 4th house with Jupiter. So again the 4th house has emphasis and which is good for home and family and the Cancer sign is known for its nurturing qualities. Also in this chart the Moon aspects the rising sign while in aspect to Jupiter and Venus. Now Venus is in the 7th house which is good since it rules the Moon. Mars in a weak house by being in the 8th and so not much conflict.

There you have, it the 2 best times to start you Thanksgiving event. Just because you are stuck with a specific day for your event doesn’t mean the start time has to be bad or difficult.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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