Black Friday Shopping

So guess what? You can pick an optimal time to start your important day after Thanksgiving shopping. Yes, you can pick a time a time that will make your entire shopping experience better on Black Friday.  My previous post told you what times are good to start your thanksgiving dinner. Now you will know what time is best to start your Christmas shopping.

Day of Christmas Shopping

You never know when an ideal time will come up, they don’t occur that often. Sometimes the ideal time is at 4:00am. If you’re not a night person this is a real bummer. It would be for me. Luckily the morning of Black Friday is the best time to leave your house for a day of Christmas shopping. The window of time is 6:25 am to 8:35 am Nov 25, 2016. If you leave before this window or after it the day will not go as well.  The absolute best time to leave your house is 8:10am. The rising sign and Moon work together the best at this time for this chart. The times mentioned are for Pacific Standard Time.

8:10am is the Best Time

This what is good about the chart. There are 3 planets in the 1st house, the most important house in the chart. The 1st represents you, the person doing the shopping. The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are the planets in the 1st giving you the vitality to shop, the discipline to buy the right thing and the ability to get to many locations for shopping. The Moon is in a good house, the 11th with Jupiter the planet of luck. The Moon and Jupiter are ruled by the other beneficial planet, Venus. Venus is in a feminine sign drawing energy to her and because she is in the 2nd house of money she  will bring good deals so that you don’t spend too much.

The Moon’s Nodes

This is the day that the North Node is no longer opposing Neptune. Thank goodness. The financial markets will stabilize more now and your personal finances are likely to stabilize as well too.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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