Feb 18-25 LA Weather

This week’s free LA weather forecast is all about midpoints. Several midpoints are being activated a couple of different times. The moon phase is last quarter in 0 degreees Aries. You can expect extreme weather during this lunar phase.

Feb 18-Hazy, foggy all week. Neptune squaring the angles.

Feb 19 & 20- Rainy, windy. Mercury triggering 2 midpoints; Venus/Saturn and Mars/Saturn.

Feb 21 & 22- Rainy, cloudy. Mercury activates Saturn/Uranus midpoint while in aspect to Jupiter. Mars aspecting Pluto gives a break from the rain briefly.

Feb 23- Clouds showing up, more gray skies, still windy. Mercury aspects Saturn.

Feb 24- Rainy again with the Moon now activating the midpoints listed above. Mercury changes signs.

Feb 25- Unusual weather events, Mars joins with Uranus. Probably temperature drop.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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