Mercury Retrograde

Get ready for Mercury’s flip. Dec 19 is the day. But you’ll likely feel the change a couple days before. If it moves over one of your personal planets then you probably already feel it.

Mercury is in Capricorn, Retrograde Dec 19th.

Where ever you have Capricorn in your chart (mine is on my 7th house) is the area of your life you will feel it. The 7th house is the place of relationships and partnerships. I spent last weekend at Disneyland with a friend and her new friend. The day was quite disorganized. I met up with them after my friend had to unexpectedly renew her annual pass. I had to leave them after going on one ride with them so I could use my fast pass I got in the morning. The updates on how to meet up again with them from my friend were confusing and not clear. I ended up waiting for them by waiting in line at Starbucks on Main Street. A few hours later my friend’s friend announced he needed to go home because of a work meeting that just got setup, it was 3:45pm on a Sunday. So my friend was trying to decide if she wanted to stay with me or leave with her friend she came with. I decided for her, I went on my merry way to our next planned ride and then enjoyed my last ride on Tower of Terror.

That was an odd day at Disneyland.

Look to where Mercury’s backward motion is in your chart. You can plan for the disorganization and minimize the schedule and traveling headaches.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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