February Weather in LA 2/26-3/4

This is the first Solar Eclipse of the 2017 year. Pay attention to planets or sensitive points in your chart at 8 degrees Pisces. For the weather it is how the other planets line up with the eclipse that describes the week. Mercury is nearby and the Sun, Moon and Mercury will travel over Neptune. The big conjunction of the week, though, is Mars and Uranus. It is especially strong because it happens opposite Jupiter.

Feb 26- Warm to hot, clear skies. Mars conjunct Uranus.

Feb 27- Warm to hot with wind picking up.

Feb 28, Mar 1 – Hazy and warm. Sun conjunct Neptune,

Mar 2-Warm to hot weather. Moon crosses angle in Winter Ingress chart and Mars crosses angle in Pisces Ingress chart.

Mar 3- Moon is Perigee today, the closest to Earth for the month. Skies hazy and polluted Mercury conjuncts Neptune.

Mar 4- Venus goes retrograde. Sun near an angle. Warm to hot and breezy.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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