Christmas Dinner Time

If you can’t pick the day for a special celebration then pick the best time for the day you are stuck with. Christmas is one of those holidays. It is on the same day every year, but that doesn’t mean it is the best for the holiday celebration.  So I looked up the best times to have your special dinner for Christmas. I looked at Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

The Best Time

This type of method is called Electional astrology. I elect a day and time based on what the planets are doing so I can optimize the outcome. I want everyone to have a great time! The times listed are for Pacific Daylight Time.

Christmas Eve

I know many people have their big celebration on Christmas Eve. What time is the best for this year’s Xmas Eve? 5:55pm  is the best. The moon is not in a very good sign for that but there is nothing to be done about that. 5:55pm is when the moon is aspected well to the ascendant so a good start can be had and last for a couple of hours. Most of the good planets are in strong houses, Sun and Mercury in the 7th and Jupiter in the 4th. Venus is not in a good house but she is aspected Jupiter favorably so really helps her out.

Christmas Day

The actual day of Christmas is a similar chart. The start is best at 6:44pm Dec 25th. The ascendant is in Cancer, same as day before and the moon is aspecting it, but just barely. The moon is about leave the sign of Scorpio which is good, but the ascendant changes first putting the Sun and Mercury in a not so good house. Also, the moon’s ruler for the moment is in a bad house. So the moon has 2 factors against it, the sign it is in and the moon ruler’s house placement.  Since the moon itself is in a good house it will manifest more problems. If you want to wait till later then you could wait for Christmas dinner until 7:30pm. Even then the chart is not as good as the 6:44pm time. I don’t know that many people who wait that late for a big Christmas dinner but you never know.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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