It’s a New Year!

I just sent out my free newsletter, the Monthly Blast, for January. Here are a couple of things from it.

Mercury will change into direct motion next week. No more retrograde, headaches begone!  Mercury has been traveling backwards in Capricorn, continuing into Sagittarius. Next week on the 8th Mercury will appear to stop in Sag and then travel forward into Capricorn again.  Depending on where the sign Capricorn landed in your chart determined what part of your life the problems of miscommunication showed up. Mine was the area of partnerships and other people. I had a couple of good arguments in the last couple of weeks and I bumped into an ex as well.  There was nothing too traumatic, thank goodness.

Regarding resolutions, the best time to make them will be after Jan 11th. That’s a couple of days after Mercury shifts into forward mode. If you can wait a little longer then another week would be great to let Mercury gather some momentum to really get things going.

If you are looking for snow because you’re going skiing this month. Whether it’s Mammoth, Squaw Valley or Heavenly or Lake Tahoe the best weekend is likely to be Jan. 27th. Venus will have just squared Saturn and this almost always brings snow in areas that get snow. Venus will moderate any weather, but is also considered to be a wet planet according to its assigned temperaments. In LA it will just bring rain, which we need of course. Saturn will be affecting the North East parts of California, there will be snow in the mountains!

Welcome to 2017 ! Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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