30 Day Challenge

It is time to challenge myself regarding my regular blog posts here. Announcing today is day one of a 30 day challenge to post on this blog once a day. Since starting this blog and website I have had the goal of posting 2-3 times a week. That has been challenging because this is not my only work. Many times I have achieved my goal of 2-3 posts a week and many times I have not.  Being a planner I try to write and schedule my posts ahead of time in case there is a week that I can’t post something Monday through Friday.  Sometimes, though, I am sure you can relate, those 5 days get away from you and before you know it has been 2 weeks since a post has been written.

Today was a nice day, I knew, through astrology, that yesterday was and today is considered “lucky” days for me. I thought I might buy a lotto ticket, but then I forgot about the luck until this afternoon. I was surprised when I was told I am employee of the month at my part time workplace. I said to myself “Aha! today IS a lucky day, I should go buy a lotto ticket.” We shall see how that turns out. Then I thought “I knew this was a good day to start my 30 day challenge!”

Here are my reasons for this 30 challenge:

1- I want to create a strong habit of writing every day. It takes at least 21 days to create or end a habit, any habit. If I can write a good post each day then I will have more confidence in my writing and hopefully the writing will happen a little faster.

2- I want to bring more insights to my readers. I plan on sharing more about my personal life and how it is helped by using astrology. I can lead by example here.

3- Of course, regular posting is very attractive to search engines too. I want to look good for the google bots.

My posts will vary between How to use the current planetary alignments, my regular 3 month advance weather forecast for LA, my astrological positivity words of the day, my personal astrological planning and opinions on current events.

Here, here to a New Year!  Use Astology to Plan Success!




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