New Year Action! not resolutions.

Day 2 of my 30 day challenge. I read this great article about why it is hard to keep New Year’s Resolutions. Click here. It is human to want instant gratification it turns out. Making a resolution is easy, it’s instant gratification. Just an idea can make you feel good. Who doesn’t want that?  Ideas are nice, they tell you what you want to hear and they create idyllic images in your head. Ideas are just ideas unless you take an action step. So, it seems the trick is to figure out … what action will make you feel good? If that action makes you feel good, you are more likely to take another action. Before you know it you have a habit of action.

Resolution vs Action.

Yesterday when I started my 30 day challenge I didn’t make it a New Year Resolution. I made it into 30 action steps. I’ve never been a person who makes New Year’s resolutions, except for one year. My resolution was to get a massage once a month. That was a resolution I wanted to keep, and I did. I am the kind of person that takes action, always have been. Can’t tell you why, it is just my nature.  I don’t like talking about doing things. I like to think about what I want to do and then figure out how to do it.

A good example is skydiving. Many years ago I decided I wanted to do a sky dive. I talked about it a bit to my friends and coworkers. No one was interested in diving  with me either, by the way. That was no matter, I wasn’t really concerned if a friend went with me or not. I really wanted to do it.  I stopped talking about it because it didn’t make me feel any better to do that, it didn’t get me any closer to doing it. After several months I finally decided I was just going to do it, it was time to schedule it. I did. I drove the hour distance to an isolated area to jump out of a plane. It was expensive (even without the video recording of it) and took up half my day at least. I loved every second of it. It was amazingly beautiful and peaceful (once the free fall was done). I’m happy I did it.

This is an astrology blog and astrology can help you take action. Many times during the month the planets align in favorable positions. If you know when that happens and start an action plan at that moment you can increase your chances to further actions steps that lead to success, whatever that is for you.

This month there are several more favorable alignments. One of them is January 17th at 11:00pm Pacific Time. The midheaven part of the chart is highlighted which is good for social status, public image, career. Not all alignments are equal, some are better than others. Besides the one that just happened yesterday January 17th is the second best for the month. Use it to take action!

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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