No More Mercury Retrograde

Mercury is now Direct! Hooray ! 

Day 3 of my 30 day challenge. I knew it would be challenging and it is. I have lots of work right now and it was hard to stop myself and get on the computer to write this 3rd post.

Retrograde Reprieve

We will now have 4 weeks with no retrograde planets, thank the gods, or in this case, the planets. Make way for forward momentum. Go ahead and push projects forward. There aren’t a whole lot of specific times this month that are great for initiating something new and exciting. So these 4 weeks you can steadily move forward step by step.

My 30 day challenge will coincide with this 4 weeks of no retrograde planets. I also have the trine and sextile between Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus happening at the same degree as my sun sign. The trine and sextile aspects bring an energy flow, especially helpful when an opposition aspect is happening at the same time. These aspects are supporting me and will be on and off for most of the year.

What did see during the Mercury Retrograde?

I saw several car accidents and cars getting towed the last two days. I always see more of these things when good ol’ Mercury changes course. This time for me it wasn’t car problems, I had some arguments and schedule mishaps. Nothing too serious was at stake.

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