Plan Step by Step

Day 7 of 30 Day Challenge!

Planning is not sexy. But it creates success. It can get you to sexy. Picking a specific day for an event or adventure is important because you want to pick the “right” day. There are many different possible factors that make it “right”. You know what that is for you. You can use astrological planetary alignments to choose that day.

But what about the steps leading up to that day? You can use astrological alignments for those steps as well. There are many decsions to be made along the way to a wedding, a birthday party, a 2 week cruise, or a mountain expedition. You might be picking a restaurant for a wedding rehearsal, choosing a country to vacation in, or which day to ascend each summit of a mountain. All these things can be plotted out ahead of time to reduce schedule problems, transportaion break downs, ordinary accidents like a sprained ankle, or just bad weather.

This is called Election astrology. Here are some dates coming up this month that can help you. Think of these are quick starts, they keep the balling rolling in the right direction for your event or project. Prevent stalling steps or decisions by using these dates.

Here they are: January 18 4:20pm Pacific time.  January 28 6:22pm Pacific time.

January 18 has the Moon ruling the chart and placed well in the home and family part of the chart and the Moon is ruled by a good planet in the area of foreign travel.

January 28 has the Ascendant ruler (sun) in the partnership area of the chart which is good for weddings or any event for a partner. The Sun is ruled by Saturn which is ok, but it is in the house of social activities.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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