Holiday Weekend Plans

Day 8 of 30 Day Challenge for writing 1x a day posts on this blog. 

This is a follow up post to Day 5 (I think). You can tell what kind of night or weekend you’re gonna have by what the rising is when the night or weekend starts. The rising sign is the starting point of the chart or you could say the birth of chart. You can also plan for a night or weekend ahead of time according to the sign you know will be rising. Doesn’t mean the chart overall will be ideal, but you can still plan for what it will be.

So what will this holiday weekend 🎡be like?

Friday– Both weekend nights will have the same rising sign of Virgo 8-10pm. This is a sign of analysis and service. It is a good night for lots of details. It’s possible some people could get hung up on the details as well. Mercury rules Virgo and is in the 5th house of fun social activities. A good time is likely in a structured (Mercury is in Capricorn) and detailed (♍️) way.

The moon will be in a different place on Friday then on Saturday though. After the rising sign the moon is the next most important factor in a chart. The moon on this night will be in the 12th house. The 12th house is hard to see from the POV of the rising sign. It is behind the rising sign. Hidden agendas or motives are likely to be going on on this night.

The night’s activities will be best away from a home, make sure to go out.

Saturday-As above except for the moon information.  If you start your night off between 8-10pm you’ve got an ok rising sign (Virgo) with a very good placement of the rising sign ruler, Mercury in the 5th house of fun social activities. Virgo will make it organized and scheduled fun, but fun is fun, right?

The moon is in a much better location on this night. The Moon is close to the rising sign in Virgo which brings a really good start to the event or activity. The 1st house is the strongest to bring about good events.

This was a quick analysis of one weekend to show how easy it is plan. Just knowing a simple thing like you will have a better event if you go out as opposed to staying in  can make the difference between a great event and a bad event.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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