Let’s Talk About Money

Day 9 of 30 Day Challenge

The new year is a good time to take stock of finances. Do you have a budget? A plan to to afford a getaway trip? A monthly savings plan? Do you notice that that money goes through cycles? Sometimes lots of it comes in and then   it   seems   to   trickle   in.  As the planets move and form different alignments it can create a palpable ebb and flow to your finances.

Know your chart and you will know when the money is coming in. One of the easiest ways is to watch Venus and Jupiter in their transits around the zodiac. When these planets go through the second house of your chart money is likely to come in. So, do you know the sign on your second house?

Mine has the sign Leo on the second house.  So whenever Venus and Jupiter are in the sign of Leo they are in my second house. Since Venus stays close to the Sun I know that in the months July, August, & September Venus is going to be going through my second house. It will last about 3-4  weeks and it will always happen during those months I just listed. This year Venus will be in Leo from July 31-Aug 26.

Jupiter has a longer cycle. It spends about a year in one sign. Jupiter was in Leo not too long ago, it was in Leo July 2014 until August 2015. Every 12 years Juoiter goes through my second house. This last time Jupiter was squaring Saturn during that year. This means that I did Not have an increase in income because Saturn is a restrictive planet. This year in particular it put limits on what Jupiter could bring in.  It helps to watch how the other planets affect the fortunate planets. 12 years from last July 2014 Jupiter will be in Leo again. That’s a long time time wait. Thank goodness there are other factors that can be beneficial for finances.

Profection is one of those factors. Profection is the technique of house emphasis for one year. Each birthday starts a new house emphasis. When you are born the first house is emphasized.  When your age turns 1 then the next house, #2, becomes emphasized. You may not be aware of finances when you are one year old. So the next time your second house will emphasized is age 13, you still probably wont’t have much awareness about making money. So at age 25 you should definitely be aware of your financial income. The following ages emphasize your second house: 37, 49, 61, 73, 85, & 97.

Part of knowing your chart is knowing how strong your second house is as well as knowing the sign ruling it. The sign will tell you some of your second house story (or money story) here are the other things that will also tell you about your second house story: what planet rules the sign on the second house, the nature of that ruling planet, where the ruling planet is located, how dignified that planet is and how many planets are in the second house. There are other factors too, but the ones listed are most important.

Start learning your chart and you have an excellent guide for planning your finances throughout your life.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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