Astro Challenged

Day 12 of 30 Day Challenge.

If you are wondering what happened to day 11, there was no day 11. I didn’t meet my challenge that day. Turns out a 30 day challenge is really very challenging.

And what I also just realized is that even if I don’t have the time to write a brand new inspired post I follow lots of good astrology blogs.  I can share one of their helpful posts if I am severely restricted in time. Lesson learned.

Share Your Pain in a Good Way

Today I want to share my pain. I have been reading a book called Self Made by Nely Galan. To create a personal mission or new business you can use your pain to guide you, so to speak. If you aren’t sure what you should be doing with your life then look at what has happened to you or what is your “story” and project that outward as a business or goal. Helping other people through the pain you’ve been through can be an inspired business.

I was racking my brain thinking of the various challenges I’ve had to see if I should be focusing differently. I had a big “duh” go off in my head. I started getting serious about astrology because I didn’t see the major Mars transit to my progressed planets coming up. That is why I promote astrology the way that I do. I want to plan for the planetary alignments. I want to know if some “bad” is coming, it brings me confidence to deal with what is coming. I realize not everyone feels that way, but people can learn to.

Danger, Danger, You Can Deal With It.

The “bad” that came was a high impact car accident in which I was rear ended into the car in front of me. I had whiplash, lots of bad bruises, herniated disc in my neck and a mild concussion. I told my chiropractor and my lawyer I hit the side of my head on something, but I have no memory of that now. That disturbs me.

The transit I had wasn’t the worst, but it was the alignment already in place that it triggered that did the damage. I had a progressed sun square to progressed mars happening in my chart, I knew about it but I thought it was over. This in itself suggests accidents and indeed it had been triggered 14 months before by a Mars transit. I was rear ended at that time as well, not as badly and I fully recovered. So Mars came around my chart again and triggered the sun/mars aspect again. It is the worst accident I have ever been in.

Watch Your Chart

If I had been paying more attention to my chart then I would have known approximately when the trigger would happen. I know I would have done something different, not sure what, but something. Only hindsight is 20/20. I won’t let that happen again. I know exactly what is going on in my chart now.

Know your chart, know yourself. That’s a good motto, don’t you think? Comment below to share what is coming up for your chart.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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