Saturn in the 6th House

Not sure what day of my 30 day blog challenge this is. It has definitely been a challenge. 30 days are almost up. Sometimes life happens a lot.

Today is a short post about Saturn transiting through the 6th house. Saturn in Sagittarius has medium dignity, meaning not the most dignified like being in Capricorn, but not the most harmful either like being in Aries.

The 6th house position in a chart does not form a major aspect to the ascendant. It does not support the ascendant so when a planet transits through it surprising situations come up. You can expect “slings and arrows” flying toward you. Sometimes hidden things have to be dealt with.

Saturn through the 6th house brings unexpected limits or restrictions. You’ll be hit by issues represented by the houses that Saturn rules.

Saturn is transiting my 6th house. Saturn rules my 7th and 8th houses. My limits are coming directly from partners (7th) and endings of important matters (8th).

It is a good idea to know which house of your chart Saturn is sitting in for 3 years. When Saturn moves into Capricorn it will change houses in your chart. Do you know which one?

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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