Astrology and Travel

Travel Plans?

Traveling plans should include more than airline flights and hotel reservations. Planning with astrological charts will make your traveling adventure more successful. The better you know your own birth chart the better all your planning can be. The 9th house of an astrology chart describes types of foreign travel you may have or enjoy, how often you may experience foreign travel, and favorable timing for foreign travel.

Travel Where?

One of the first items to be decided in travel plans is when to travel. If you have the choice then the time period a planet like Venus or Jupiter is transiting through your 9th house is a favorable time. Jupiter spends about a year in each house so that may be a year when you travel a lot anyway. Venus spends about 3 weeks in a house so a week or two on vacation is easily planned during that period. A good trip is still possible with out a planet transiting your 9th house.

Also important is avoiding Mars aspects when traveling.  Mars creates conflict and can create accidents. It is better if Mars is not making any aspects to your birth planet placements or the sensitive angles of your birth chart. Here again you want to know your personal chart. Mars takes about 6 weeks to go through a house, so it will be easy to avoid potential Mars issues.

Travel Fun

Once you have your destination city then it is good idea to look at your personal chart as if you were born in that destination city. This gives you more information as to how you might enjoy this city. If there are any planets on the angles of this relocated chart then the nature of that planet will dominate your experiences in that city. Venus and Jupiter on angles is a sign of good times. Mars and Saturn on the angles are not ideal. There might not be any planets on the angles and that’s fine. A nice trip will be had.

Travel Weather

The next item on the planning list is likely the possible weather conditions for the time period you’ll travel there. You can use astrology to look at that as well, months and even a year in advance. Major weather events happen when planets cross angles in lunar phase charts, seasonal charts, and wind charts. Planetary conjunctions (2 or more planets in same sign and degree) and planetary oppositions (2 or more planets in opposite signs at same degree) also cause dramatic weather events. You can look at an ephemeris to see if any of these will occur during your travel period. You can also order a report from me to tell you exactly what the weather will be for your travel period.

Travel Success

The last thing you can look up for your travel time is the other planetary factors that could affect your trip. These things are Mercury retrograde dates, Mars retrograde dates, any and all Mars aspects to the other planets. This last thing is important because Mars opposite an outer planet like Pluto could affect global events and you don’t want that global event to be centered in the place you’re traveling in. Mercury retrograde (in case you haven’t heard yet) can cause all kinds of transportation, scheduling, and communication snafus. Not usually life altering, but could be airline flight altering. Mars retrograde, again, accidents more likely. Nothing wrong with avoiding bad stuff, right?

Most of the items I’ve listed are factors to avoid. Just that in of itself can help you have a spectacular trip. Knowing your personal birth chart makes it easy to avoid the “icky” stuff. It also makes it easy to see the “yippee” stuff too. You could plan all your trips according to Venus and Jupiter in or aspecting your 9th house. Sounds like guaranteed fun to me.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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