Eclipse List

Tomorrow is the first Solar Eclipse of the year. 2 weeks ago we had a lunar eclipse. The sun and moon will be joined in the new moon cycle with the South Node and Neptune. The eclipse is at 8 degrees Pisces, look to any planets or sensitive points in your chart at 8 degrees Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and of course Pisces.

The light of the sun will be darkened, even if not visible where you live. It’s a good time to go into hidden matters or issues in the shadows, even things you might be afraid to look at. Use the Piscean vision to let things go or alter. Depending on which house of your chart the eclipse falls into will determine the area of life to delve into dark matters.

If you know your chart then you can plan better. If you have a list of the coming eclipses then you can plan better for those issues.

Here is the eclipse list.   Until year 2020.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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