LA Weather 4/19-25 2017

Free weather report for Los Angeles. I haven’t always used the midpoint technique to do these reports and so my accuracy has not been 100%. I shall endeavor to incorporate the midpoint technique more regularly. It makes a difference.

This week is a last quarter moon at 29 degrees Capricorn. Mars is highlighted in the lunar chart this moon phase. Venus and Saturn are runners up. Conflicting elements are showing up.

April 19- Warm to hot and humid with clouds. Mars is close to the location point of LA.

April 20- Like above but with more humidity and clouds. Moon triggers a Venus/Saturn midpoint.

April 21 & 22- Probably the hottest and most humid days. Venus/Saturn aspect becomes exact. Mars exactly on an angle.

April 23 & 24- Warm with clouds and wind. Mars still near chart angle. Mercury aspects Saturn.

April 25-  Hot and clear.

Here you can order your own future weather report, even a year in advance.

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