3 Tips for Planning a Wedding

Planning, it isn’t overrated. It has an important place, so does spontaneity. This site, however, is about planning. Astrological planning. There are different ways to plan especially when it comes to astrology. Not every detail has to be planned, it can be, but doesn’t have to be.

General Outline

I just worked on a report that lists the best months and days to make important decisions for planning a wedding. I used the bride to be’s birth chart to do this. It is better to have both birth charts from the wedding couple, but that isn’t always possible. I looked at the upcoming year to see if any of the major upcoming transit configurations were going to trigger the birth chart’s sensitive points, good or bad. There were a couple of stressful ones, not that serious. Those are easily avoided. I looked at the solar returns which last from birthday to birthday. One birthday was better than the other so now I can recommend to have the wedding after the good solar return.

Next I looked at the slow moving planets that will have an impact of years and how they were moving through the birth chart. The bride to be is about to have a long transit over a sensitive point of her chart at the end of the year I am looking at. Limits will come into play. I recommend the wedding happen before this starts.

Outline Breakdown

Then I looked at the months and sometimes the weeks within a month to find the least stressful times for making decisions. I found that there were at least 2 months that would be stressful; months to be avoided when important decisions need to be made for a wedding. I also found one month that was the best for making those decisions. The remaining months had a week or two to be avoided. There are plenty of good days and weeks in the coming year that clear headed decisions can be made.

Choosing where for the honey moon, a venue, florist, caterer, photographer and so on are the decisions you want to make when you aren’t overly stressed. You want to be clear what you want, what is appropriate and fits in the budget. The days and weeks that I find that are good is when you make those decisions. You can do all your research on any bad or good days just wait to make the decision until you are on one of those good days.

Specific Dates

So once you have these general dates the wedding date can be chosen. Working backward from there you can plan the dates for the bridal shower, the bachelor/bachelorette parties and the rehearsals. These events can be chosen down to the minute. It’s called Electional astrology because you “elect” the most ideal time to start an event. The Ascendant, Moon and favorable/helpful planets will be optimized in the chart of the election so the event will be the best, most successful and most fun for everyone.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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