Weather in LA in May. 5/18-24

May 18 is a last quarter moon in Aquarius 28 degrees. It is also a moon wobble week where the Sun opposes the North Node of the moon. Unstable events will be all around and dramatic weather. Saturn aspecting Uranus is an ongoing theme this year. They have a big affect on weather. They will aspect again in November this year for the last time for quite awhile. Mercury will be hitting some sensitive spots too.

May 18- Windy, cold, cloudy. Saturn aspect Uranus.

May 19- Cool and clear, think of it as the calm before the storm. Venus aspect Jupiter with Saturn/Neptune midpoint triggered.

May 20 to 22- Windy, cold, cloudy.

May 23-  Stormy. Moon triggering 2 charts and Saturn aspecting Uranus.

May 24- Stormy rain. Venus aspecting Pluto with Mars/Neptune midpoint triggered.

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