Memorial Day Weather 5/25-31

So, into a New Moon phase for this week in weather. Moon is in Gemini 4 degrees and moon is Perigee, very close to the Earth.  It is also Memorial Day weekend. There is major stuff going with Mars and Saturn this week. You might not want to be in LA over the holiday weekend.

May 25- Fair to warm, best day of the week. Sun and Moon near angle.

May 26- Windy, clouds, brewing storm. Mercury/Saturn midpoint are activating an angle in the chart.

May 27 & 28- Stormy, rain on and off. Mars aspects Saturn, Mercury aspects Neptune and the moon crosses an angle.

May 29- Memorial Day- Scattered clouds, clearing skies. Fair temps. Sun crosses an angle.

May 30- Warm with wind, unstable could hard to predict events.

May 31- Fair to warm temps and windy. Mercury aspects Pluto.

Use Astrology to Plan Success !




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