Weather in LA June 30- July 7

I am working like to crazy to keep this weather forecast updated to be 3 months in advance.This includes the fourth of July holiday. June 30 has a first quarter moon at 9 degrees Libra. Right before it becomes a full moon the moon will be at Apogee, farthest from Earth in its orbit. The week is mainly controlled by Mars with Mercury chiming in.

June 30– Windy and warm. Mercury darts across an angle.

July 1, 2 & 3– Temps keep rising, likely to be really hot. Clear skies. Some humidity.Mars aspect Pluto on the angles.

July 4– Still hot, but temps not as high. Mercury aspects Uranus.

July 5, 6 & 7– Fair to warm days. July 6 may have some clouds and gray skies. Humidity developing.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!



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