Sun Sign vs. Rising Sign

What is the Sun Sign?

A common subject comes up when I tell people I am an astrologer. She or he says ‘I’m a Scorpio” as if that is all that is needed to know about their “sign’.  And I say ‘what is your rising sign?” I almost always get a blank look. People know their sun sign but they don’t know anything about what that means.  What does it mean to have your sun in the sign of Scorpio? Or Capricorn? Or Gemini? You have to know what the sun is in astrology first, right?

If you’ve looked at my Basics page then you will already know that the sun’s nature is to give, create, and lead.  Everyone has a sun sign so everyone gives, creates and leads in a specific way to them. It is Not a matter of some people give and some people create, we all do these things. We are not describing a personality. The only exception is if the sun is ruling the rising sign, that is a different subject though.

Where is the Sun?

There are 12 sections to an astrology chart. They are called houses, the first house is, you guessed it, your personality or how people perceive you. IF your sun is in the first house then you will appear as your sun sign. But there are 12 houses, the majority of the population will have their sun in one of the other 11 houses. The sun will help describe the house it is in. So if the sun is in the 7th house of partners then it describes that house; it describes the type of partners a person has. IF the sun is in the 5th house of fun and socializing then it describes a person’s social life, not the person.  My Basics page describes all the houses.

So why does everyone know their sun sign? It is the lowest common denominator. It is the easiest location to find for a celestial body. Our annual seasons are based on what sign the sun is in, we experience it everyday whether we are aware of it or not. It is the easiest way to group people together and give them a connection. This is not bad, but those people believe astrology is silly and amusing at best. I can’t blame them, it is silly to think that all sun in Pisces people have the same personality. It is so obviously not true.

What is your Rising Sign?

My suggestion? Find your rising sign !! It’s easy if you know what time you were born. If you don’t know your birth time you can still figure it out. It will take more time and maybe a visit to an astrologer that does birth time rectification, but it can be done. The rising sign is the sign that was rising at the moment you were born. If you were born at sun rise and the sun was in the sign Virgo then your rising sign will be Virgo as well. After the sun rises then the next sign after Virgo will rise over the horizon and so on for the next 24 hours. All 12 signs will rise over the horizon in astrological sign order.

This sign will describe your personality with specifics that your sun sign never could. Because the signs don’t rise at the same time through out the year you need to know the time you born. At 5:00pm you could have Taurus rising in November, but in June it will be Scorpio rising. The planet ruling your rising sign will add even more details. Someone with Taurus rising means Venus rules over the rising sign. But! Venus can be in one of several signs. Person A with Taurus rising in February could have Venus in Aries and Person B with Taurus  rising in August could have Venus in Virgo. The description of Taurus rising will apply to persons A & B, but person A will be more headstrong and impulsive because Venus is in Aries. Person B with Venus in Virgo will be more grounded and practical.

Know Thyself

You already know your sun sign, now find out your rising sign. You can only learn more about yourself and your friends if they know their rising signs too. The better you know your birth chart the better you know yourself, the better your life and the better you can create success in your life.

Use Astrology to Plan Success !


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