3 Tips to Maximize Your 1st House


To maximize the 1st house of the birth chart this post will be describing the astrological technique called Profection. There are other techniques as well for optimizing the 1st house which I will post about in the future.

Tip #1

Understand the sign on the 1st house of your birth chart.

The first house is the most important house of a chart.  It is the starting point of your life, the moment you took your first breath.  It is more important than your sun sign. The sign on the first house is called the rising sign. Know your rising sign, then you will know your self. You can read basic descriptions of the rising signs on my BASICS page. Understanding your rising sign will help you with tip #3.

Tip #2

Know when the 1st house is most active during your lifetime.

There are some years when the first house is the most active. In Profection one house of a chart is highlighted for one year, birthday to birthday. The first house is highlighted every 12 years starting when your born, birth to one year old. The ages for a lifetime are: 12, 24, 36, 48, 60,72 and so on every 12 years. Every person’s chart is unique so that means each person’s first house is unique. Even when many people have the same rising sign each person’s experience will be unique. This is because of many factors: each person may or may not have planets in the 1st house, the ruling planet of the rising sign will be different, the ruling planet will be in a different house and the ruling planet will interact differently with the remaining planets. Each person’s personal experience of a highlighted 1st house will be unique.

Tip #3

Use the highlighted times to promote yourself.

What do you do when your 1st house becomes active?  It is a great time to promote yourself. Network with other people, tell people about yourself and projects you’ve started. Start a new project, apply for a promotion at work, send out your book to publishers. Other examples include: updating your wardrobe, get a new haircut, change your online dating profile or start a new one, start a meetup group or a non profit organization. The first house is personal to you, so get out and show yourself to others and the world.

Now back to Tip #1, knowing your rising will help show or guide you how to self promote as well. Not all signs are extroverted, putting yourself out there is uncomfortable for many people. Pisces rising is typically going to shy away from self promotion, for example. This sign could enlist the help of a friend to suggest and help execute the specifics of getting artwork or poetry online among other things.

Those are 3 tips for maximizing the 1st house of your birth char. Learn about your rising sign, make note of when it is most active and then show and share your self with the world.  This is just one technique, check back for more posts about maximizing the 1st house potential.

Read more about astrological sign descriptions here.

Use Astrology to Plan Success !

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