Progressed Moon Luck

One of the cycles to watch for in your chart is the progressed Moon. Especially when the progressed moon joins with the progressed sun.

What is the Progressed Moon?

Each day after your birth the planets continued to move, with progressions each of those days represents one year of your life. Progressed planetary cycles are slow going. When the progressed moon aligns with your birth planetary planets it can be used for timing changes in your life.

What to Look For

Find out first where your progressed moon is. It takes 28 years to go all the way around your chart. It could be anywhere, it might be about to join up with any of your planets or cross and angle in your chart. The big ones to look for are: the progressed moon joining with the progressed sun, crossing the 1st house angle and joining with any planets in the 1st house and crossing over the Midheaven angle and any planets near the Midheaven. Also look for the progressed moon joining with progressed or birth Jupiter and Venus. These are likely to be the most beneficial. Depending on where the planets land in your birth chart they will tell you if the luck will come all at once within a short period of time or if it will be more spread out during the 28 year cycle.

How to Use It

The better you know your chart the better you will be prepared to use the luck that comes your way. For example, my chart shows most of my planets close together spanning about 4 houses. There are 12 houses in a chart so many of the houses don’t have any planets in them. When the progressed moon comes around to the first of these 4 houses I know my most of my opportunities will come one right after the other for a period of 7 seven years.  There will be a long period with out the progressed moon activating the most lucky opportunities and then it will cross over my Midheaven which is a sensitive point in everyone’s chart activating positive opportunities.

Other Opportunities 

This post is just about the progressed moon, it moves the fastest in the progressed chart. Even a long period of no opportunities from the progressed moon can have other progressed alignments happening. Other progressed planets can bring lucky opportunities too, you just have to know your chart and take a few notes to get ready for what is coming.

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