Moon Wobble Happening Now

Do you know when a good time to not push ahead is? During a moon wobble.  Currently May 9-28, 2017. What is a moon wobble? In astrology this happens when the Sun is in a square aspect or conjoined with the lunar nodes. You might be wondering what the lunar nodes are. They are points of intersection between the moon’s orbit and the apparent path of the Sun over Earth, also known as the ecliptic.  When the Sun, more than any other celestial body, squares the nodes or joins with them as in an eclipse there is instability around the globe. They happen a few times a year. It is similar to a Mercury retrograde in that it affects our day to day living. Watch for accidents, disasters and political events.


The nodes just changed signs this week, May 9, 2017. The north node is now in Leo and the south node is automatically in the opposite sign which is Aquarius. The last time the nodes were in these signs was about 18 1/2 years ago. Similar themes of 18 1/2 years ago will come up now for the next 1 1/2 years. These are the signs that the eclipses will be occurring in for the next 1 1/2 years. Since the north node is in Leo look for events happening around political leaders or industry leaders.

Personalizing it.

How does it affect you personally? That depends on your chart. If you know your chart then you will know which houses these nodes are moving through now. The north node tends to bring positive events in and the south node tends to shed things not needed anymore whether you know it or not. Where ever the sign Leo is in your chart that is where the north node will be. The opposite house will have the south node moving through it. Example: If you have a Taurus rising chart then the north node will be in the 4th house of home and family. The south node will be in the 10th house of reputation and public image. You will feel it more personally if you have planets in these houses.

This too shall pass.

From May 9-28 don’t make any major decisions. Don’t make any dramatic life changes. You will likely feel more emotional or reactive then usual, know that these feelings will pass. Stick to your routines and plug away at projects already under way.

Use Astrology Plan Success!




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