Eclipse Weather for LA Aug 7-13

Lunar eclipse is Aug 7 at 11:11am PDT.  This is the last month of eclipses for the year. Since these eclipses are visible over the United States look for big global events centered around the U.S. including weather events. A lunar eclipse is a full moon that is eclipsed by the Sun. This one is at 15 °  Aquarius. The weather this week is a result of Jupiter, Sun and Venus mostly.

Aug 7 to 9 – Warm to hot temps. Jupiter is on an angle and Pluto is as well, although not as close.

Aug 10 & 11- Humidity forming with hot temps and wind. Mercury is barely moving while it aspects Venus. Jupiter aspects Sun and Venus aspects Neptune.

Aug 12– Warm and windy. Mercury changes direction to retrograde in Virgo.

Aug 13– Cloudy, gray fair to warm temps. Sun aspects Saturn. Moon crosses a Taurus angle.

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