Jupiter Direct in Libra

Hey, Hey Hey! Finally our planet of good fortune is moving forward. Let the social events  expand and grow.

The Great Benefic

Jupiter is the planet of making things bigger, large philosophical perspectives, and good fortune. If you want something to expand, like a business idea, income, or big project, then optimize Jupiter in your inception chart.  At the very least you can pick a day the moon joins up with Jupiter, it happens once a month.

In Libra Sign

Jupiter is in Libra right now. It has finished its last retrograde while in this sign. Jupiter spend about a year in each sign, giving you plenty of time to use it to your advantage according to the house of your chart it is in. Libra likes social occasions, shopping, retail outlets, and beautiful sceneries like art or ocean views.


Jupiter in Libra then favors social events with a large vision or purpose. Create peace and aesthetics to ease tension and stress. If Jupiter is in your 5th house of your chart then social activities will be available everywhere you go. If Jupiter is in your 2nd house of your chart you spending too much money and probably on shopping and social activities.

Wherever Jupiter is life will expand. Before you encourage it make sure you want that area of your life to expand.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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