Venus and Mercury this Week

We have two planets changing signs this week. Venus flits into Gemini ♊️and Mercury roars into Leo♌️. These planets change signs frequently. They contribute to short term moods. Venus might get on ice cream 🍦kick and then on a clubbing 💃🏼🕺🏼kick. Mercury suggests what’s on your mind or what you can’t stop talking 🎉about.

Venus goes into Gemini on July 4th. Desire  for social interaction will be high for a few weeks. Light, fun superficial types of gatherings will be happening. Careful on July 23rd and 24th there could be a party gone out of bounds.

Mercury into Leo on July 5th. Extravagant plans anyone? Grandiose but generous ideas will be contagious. Act the divine king or queen and who knows what may happen or what famous party you could end up at. Respect authority around July 19th.

Have fabulous fun and…

Use Astrology to Plan Success!




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