Weather in September 2017

This a weather forecast for Los Angeles, Sept. 12-18, 2017.

It’s a last quarter moon 🌜in Gemini 20 degrees. The most influential planets are Venus, Mercury and Mars. Venus is nice (usually) and Mars is not.

Sept. 12 & 13- 🌤 Probably gray and overcast in the mornings then clearing skies. Sun aspects Saturn.

Sept. 14 & 15-  ✨☀️✨ Clear, beautiful  skies and hot with wind picking up. Venus aspects Jupiter.

Sept. 16 – ☀️🌬Wind really picking up in some areas, clear skies. Why is there  no emoji just for wind? The one I used has a cloud attached. Weather should be clear. Mercury joins with Mars.

Sept. 17 & 18- ☀️✨☀️ Beautiful, warm weather. Venus aspects Uranus.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!


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