Best Way to Use Mars in Leo

This post is about how to use a planet that doesn’t have any major dignity. Mars rules Scorpio and Aries. Mars is exalted (performs well) in Capricorn. So, if Mars is not in one of these signs then it has no major dignity. Mars and Leo are both hot and dry in temperament so you would think they would go together well. Alas, Mars is not comfortable being forced to operate as a magnanimous leader. It wants to conquer by force with bursts of energy. Mars is in Leo July 20- Sept. 4th.

Mars’ Nature

Since Mars is a malefic (likes to cause harm) being in an incompatible sign can be problematic. This is one of the reasons in elections astrology that Mars must not be in an angular house the chart. An angular house more easily manifests events.

Minor Dignity

However, there are minor dignities. These are called triplicity, terms, and decans, in order of importance. Unfortunately there is no triplicity dignity with Mars in Leo, but there is in the terms and decans. Terms take a sign and divide it by the number of visible planets (not luminaries which are the Sun and Moon). Approximately each planet (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, & Saturn) is assigned a certain number of degrees in each sign. The end of Leo has the last term of 6 degrees assigned to Mars. This is helpful when Mars is in Leo.

The decans divide each sign into thirds. 3 planets are assigned 10 degrees of each sign. For Leo the last 10 degrees, 21-30, are assigned to Mars. So this helpful as well when Mars is in Leo because Mars will perform better at degree 22 than at degree 13 for example. Each sign does not have the same planets assigned in decans.

When to Use Mars in Leo

Technically speaking you could start to use Mars in Leo when it gets to 21 degrees, but it would be better to wait until Mars is at 24 degrees because the terms dignity is stronger than the decans dignity and at 24 degrees both will have kicked in. Waiting until 24 degrees  you will have both minor dignities helping out.

So, what are we using Mars in Leo at 24 degrees for? For instance, maybe you have been contemplating asking for a raise at work, or maybe trying to work up the nerve to ask your boyfriend if he is ready for the next level in your relationship, or maybe you want to lead a project. It depends where Leo is in your chart on where your focus will be. Mars in Leo could give you that extra “umph” as soon as July 20th, though, that little extra is best utilized when Mars is at 24 Leo, from Aug. 28th to Sept. 4th.

Bonus info: Since Mars in Leo is conducting the Sun this year it will be severely debilitated traveling so close to an alignment with the Sun until Aug. 22nd. Based on that fact alone you wouldn’t want to jump ahead for that raise or promotion anyway.

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