Saturn Direct- How to Use it to Your Advantage

Saturn has been in the sign of Sagittarius since December 2014. It has moved forwards and backwards for about 3 years. It has just turned direct after 5 months of being retrograde (backward).  This is the last time it will change direction in the sign of Sagittarius.  3 years is a good amount of time to work on lessons Saturn wants to teach you. Wherever Sagittarius is in your chart that is where your lessons are. For example: if Sagittarius is on your 4th house then your lessons are about family, home and living situations. Saturn’s nature is to impose limits and boundaries. Saturn is always somewhere in your chart as it transits the signs. You will always be learning limits somewhere in your life.

Saturn is not the most comfortable in the sign of Sagittarius. It only has modest amount of  dignity (read as power) through triplicity in the Medieval method of measure. Saturn behaves best when in a sign it rules which is not the sign it is in right now. You could say it has been performing at about half power.

If Saturn is not at full power then the challenging aspects are more challenging than usual. Saturn in retrograde adds even more challenge. This has been the case for the last 2 1/2 years. But now Saturn has turned direct so there is one less challenge to deal with.

Also, Saturn has some added dignity until Nov 14, Saturn will be in its own term (another measure of dignity in Medieval method). Saturn will be behaving or performing its best since it first entered Sagittarius in 2014. From now until December 19 Saturn will be the most helpful with setting up structure, limits, restrictions. It could even be easier to say “No” to self indulgence if you are trying to lose weight.

Below are the dates that you will notice Saturn lessons the most. From now to Nov 14th is the most productive Saturn will be while in the sign Sagittarius.

Aug 26th (that was early this morning)- Jupiter sextile to Saturn – There can be proper negotiation around this time.

Sept 13th– Sun square Saturn – Productive adjustments are needed.

Oct 8th- Venus square Saturn – Same as above

Oct 11th– Mars square Saturn – This one is still challenging, male authorities can be an obstacle.

Nov 3rd- Venus sextile Saturn – Develop plan to achieve something desired.

Nov 11th– Saturn trine Uranus – Keep room in plans for an upset, expect the unexpected.

The next set of dates include the aspects with Saturn from Nov 14 to Dec 19. Saturn will be in its own term anymore, therefore not as helpful. At least it only lasts a month.

Nov 27 – Mercury conjunct Saturn – This one is tricky, mostly because Mercury is really slow, about to turn retrograde. There are always more problems when any planet is about to go backwards. Communication with authority like bosses or supervisors have to have extra tact and respect.

Dec 6 -Mars sextile Saturn – Here you get some help. This aspect will modify or reduce any anger or resentment needing to be expressed because of the Mercury/Saturn aspect.

– Mercury (retrograde) conjunct Saturn – Read above for Nov 27.

December 20, 2017 is the day that Saturn moves into the next sign of Capricorn. If you know your rulerships then you know this is a big deal. Saturn rules Capricorn and only is in this sign approximately every 29 years. Saturn will perform very well according to its nature once that happens.

Look for an article all about Saturn in Capricorn for 3 years.

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