Weather in October for Los Angeles

Here is a summary of the weather for October only for Los Angeles. I can do this for any city, any country on planet Earth (for now). I use lunar phase charts, solar ingress charts and other planet ingress chart.

Oct 5 – Oct 11

Cloudy and rainy th 7th and 8th. Venus square Saturn

Windy with clearer skies briefly the 9th

Stormy conditions come back

Oct 12 – 18

Week has windy days with temps more pleasant first half of week. Mercury in aspect to Saturn and Uranus.

Hazy on 15th and 16th. Sun aspect Saturn.

Temperatures drop 18th and 19th. Sun opposes Uranus.

In colder regions of US the week will likely have the first freeze of the season.

Oct 19 – 27

Warmer days this week. Hazy on 23rd and 24th. Humidity 19th and 20th.

Temps go up on the 25th. Sun joins up with Jupiter.

Oct 27 – Nov 3

Good range of temperatures this week.

The 27th to 30th the temps are up and then Nov 1st to 3rd they go down with cold and cloudy skies.

Halloween will be fair to warm.

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