Weather for November in Los Angeles

Here is my weather forecast for Los Angeles for the month of November 2017. I live in LA so that’s why this free forecast is set for the City of Angels. It covers Nov 3 to Dec 2.

Nov 3 – 9 Full Moon 12 degrees Taurus

Hot this week, Mars in a key position.

Nov 5 Hot temps with lots of wind.

Humidity joins the heat Nov 8th & 9th.

Nov 10 – 17  Last Quarter Moon

This has a Saturn/Uranus aspect bringing cool temps with cloudy skies for a couple of days. The remainder of the week has:

Nov 13th to 15th pleasant & hazy skies

Nov 16th to 17th cloudy, drizzly & windy

Nov 18 – 25 Thanksgiving week  New Moon 26 degrees Scorpio

Another hot week. Mars & Pluto the most active in the chart.

The entire week will have high temps with some humidity and wind varying throughout the week.

Nov 26 – Dec 2  First Quarter Moon

This is an unstable week. Changeable weather. Wind, cold & possible rain.

The end of the week is the worst.  With a turbulent Mars/Uranus opposition there will be whipping wind at times. Mercury going retrograde while sitting on Saturn will add to this.

Rain most likely on Dec 1st & 2nd brought to you by Jupiter and Neptune.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!

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