Some of my tips for planning with astrology describe how to use the planets, signs, and charts yourself. These basic explanations on this page can help you if you are brand new to astrology or new to Medieval astrology. Of course there are many books out there but not many are based on classical or Medieval astrology. I tried to make this as simple as possible.

There are five visible planets and two visible luminaries. By visible I mean they  can be seen in the night sky with the naked eye.The visible planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The visible luminaries (bring light to Earth) are the Sun and Earth’s Moon. We don’t use the furthest out planets Uranus, Neptune or Pluto for birth charts, but they can be used in celebrity charts and they are used in weather astrometeorology charts.

Each planet and luminary has its own nature: The Sun- to give, The Moon- to nurture, Mercury- to communicate, Venus- to desire, Mars- to create conflict, Jupiter- to expand, Saturn- to restrict

The “good” planets are Venus and Jupiter. The “bad” planets are Mars and Saturn. The good planets bring happy events usually. The bad planets bring us painful events usually.

The planets and luminaries are always moving and they move through signs of the zodiac. There are 12 signs (pay no attention to the rumour of a 13th sign, it isn’t true) and the signs don’t move for our basic understanding here. Each sign is paired with a planet or a luminary. This is to say each planet or luminary is at home in certain signs or you could say that each has complete power in certain signs. When Venus, for example, is in Libra she has power to achieve all her desires. When Venus is in Virgo she has very little power to manifest her desires.

This is how the planets and luminaries are paired with the signs:

Sun=Leo.  Moon=Cancer.  Mercury=Gemini & Virgo.

Venus=Taurus & Libra.  Mars=Aries & Scorpio.

Jupiter=Sagittarius & Pisces.  Saturn=Capricorn & Aquarius

Basic description of the signs:

Aries– Impulsive starter                                                       Libra– Peace maker

Taurus- Steadfast                                                                   Scorpio– Investigator

Gemini– Ambidextrous communicator                             Sagittarius– Freedom loving

Cancer– Intuitive                                                                    Capricorn– Goal seeker

Leo– Majestic leader                                                              Aquarius– Idealism transmitter

Virgo– Practical analyst                                                        Pisces– Empathic

A wheel chart is used to look at how the planets and luminaries relate to each other to understand an event in question. The wheel is more visual as opposed to a list. When working with weather charts then the wheel serves as a compass to where the weather events will happen.

The planets and luminaries have specific natures regarding weather as well.

Sun=Warm and dry.  Moon=cold and wet.  Mercury=Wind.  Venus=Moisture that moderates other planets.  Mars=Hot and dry.  Jupiter=Pleasant warmth.  Saturn=Cold and stormy.  Uranus=Cold and unstable.  Neptune=Cool, fog, mist.  Pluto=Intensity and extremes.

The natures of the planets are modified by the sign it is in. An example is the Sun is fully giving in Leo but Sun in Aquarius is forced to do so with limits. This is because the Sun rules Leo and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn. I am only describing the nature of the planets, not individual people here.

The wheel chart has 12 sections we call houses. Each represents a category of life. Once you have a planet and a sign then you want to know what house of the chart the planet and sign are in. The house will tell you what area of life the planet is trying to manifest its nature within a sign. If the planet is “comfortable” in a sign in the 4th house then the planet’s nature can manifest well in the home or within the family. The 4th house describes home or family life.

Basic meanings of the houses:

1st=personal identity/physical body

2nd=money and valuables

3rd=siblings and local neighborhood

4th=home and family

5th=children and socializing

6th=illness and working class population


8th=death and partner’s money

9th=education and religion

10th=career and public image

11th=friends and organized groups of people

12th=self sabotage

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