Daily Blast

Do you feel good every day? Everyone wants to feel good each and every day, but it doesn’t always happen. What if you had someone telling you every day to “You can do this!” or “You can make great things happen!” ?   It would probably make you feel good, right?

Introducing a new service… Daily Blast.  Yep, every day you will get a positive, uplifting message sent straight to you.  You don’t have to download an app and then open each time you want to read a positive message. Once you signup the messages come straight to you as a text each day. It will show up for you each day, it will make you feel good each day and you don’t have to ask for it each time.

Try it for 7 days for free.
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What else is cool about this? The more people that sign up the more the monthly price will go down. That’s right, the price will keep going down if you we get people to keep signing up for this easy service.

The messages are based on what is happening in the universe that day.  The planets and celestial bodies are always changing positions; changing the themes of the year, the month and the day.  Each positive message will make you feel like you can accomplish anything or get past any obstacle no matter what is going on.

Signup here- $9.86 a month (after 7 day free trial)
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It’s a monthly subscription and you can cancel anytime.

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