Astrology is a vast area of many specific techniques.  It is more than just a horoscope. Astrology came about because people wanted to predict an event in the future.  Why did they think staring at the sky would help with that?  The answer is that certain things (stars, planets, comets etc) appeared in the sky at the same time every year, they were predictable. Those things coincided with major changes in the world, for example the rise and fall of a king or the rise of the Nile.
So why can’t the predictable patterns of the planets be used as an influence on an individual person’s chart?  In the days of ancient Greece and even into Medieval days the common person’s birth time and day of birth were not known.  Only royal births were noted down.  In current day practically every person knows what day they born on and most know their exact time of birth as well.  The common person’s life is now predictable.  Do you want to know if the day you picked is good for your wedding?  Is it a good time to buy a house for you personally? Do you want to know what the weather will be like in London over New Year’s Eve?
There are quite a few techniques used to predict future outcomes.  There are Progressions (three types), Profections, Firdaria, and Transits to name the major ones.  The most common and superficial is the transit of current planet motion in a personal chart.  This shows a general trend happening in certain areas of a chart, which means a trend in certain areas of life.  Examples are where you look for romantic interests, or where you feel restricted, where you feel life events are more favorable or lucky or even if you feel outgoing or introverted.  Transits usually trigger other configurations already happening because of a progression, Profection or Firdaria.
Each technique has a different timing.  Some last for a year, others last three years and still another could last 5 or more years, these configurations overlap each other as well.  So, while Jupiter may be favoring the money part of your chart by transit for a year Saturn could also be progressed on to your birth chart Jupiter for five years. That means you’ve got one year where money could grow well then really drop the next 4 years.  Meanwhile you have a profected 4th house which means you are focused on your home and family.  It would be a bad time for buying a house.  A comprehensive evaluation of several of these techniques gives a more powerful and helpful prediction.

Another aspect to planning success with astrology is the election chart.  It is like a birth horoscope, the beginning or birth of an event.  Looking ahead at what the planets are doing means you can choose the best possible time to pick a wedding date, open a business, start a conference or develop a product.  The list could go on.  Not all planets deliver what they promise all year long.  Each planet performs better in certain signs.  Examples are when the Sun is in Leo this promises much and more, but even better Sun in Leo is when positively configured to Jupiter in Sagittarius.  Sun in Leo configured to Jupiter in Libra is good but not as good as in Sagittarius. Do you want a hundred of people to show up to your conference or do you want a thousand?  So you see looking at what a planet is going to do has to be weighed and judged and compared to what the other planets are doing.  Not every month has good, usable auspicious times to plan success for an event.
Ideally this election chart is compared to the birth horoscope of the person responsible for the event.  I want the birth of your event to complement you personally.  This way the continual motion of the planets will have a positive effect going forward into the future not just for that one moment.
This combined with a personal future trend report as mentioned above and a weather forecast report (explained later) for your event will reveal the best time for your event. Here’s another example: Your Profected chart (mentioned above) has the 9th house activated for a year which signifies publishing and foreign travel, this is a good house for promoting an event, especially if it is in a foreign country.  Next I found 2 dates that are good election times. Each of these dates gets a weather forecast and one of them shows serious flooding from a rain storm.  The election time might be great but the weather could bring attendance down for the event. So, the date to choose then would be the one with better weather.

So what other things can affect the success of an event?  Do you want it to rain on your wedding day?  Would you rather it be warm and sunny?  Do you want real snow when skiing over the New Year’s holiday?   Would you like to avoid a hurricane while on vacation?  Weather can have a huge impact on future plans.  If you could find out the weather for next year’s vacation plans, why wouldn’t you?
A full weather forecast can be done a year or more in advance for any location.  It will tell you how hot or cold, how windy, how dry or humid and if there will any rain or snow.  How?  I’ll tell you.  Each planet has a certain nature associated with weather.  Such as Mars is hot and dry while Venus is wet but moderating in temperature.  In other words if Venus is configured to Mars it brings heat and humidity but if Venus is configured to Saturn it is wet and really cold.  There are so many charts to look at for these predictions.  The solar cycle represents an entire season, the full moon cycle shows moisture levels, and a Mercury chart shows the wind levels for about a three week period to name few.

You can see by now that adding and layering on the above techniques arms you with the best possible outcome for any of your ventures.

Use Astrology to Plan Success!