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If you want practical tips for optimizing success in anything then you have found the right place.  This website is here for you to…

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Who is Kimberly?

Kimberly has been a student of astrology for thirty years.  For most of those years she studied the modern version of western astrology, also referred to as sun sign astrology.  Her interest in predictive astrology led her to the traditional or classical type of astrology. This type is different than the majority of current day astrology columns.

The clarity it brought after years of vague and contradictory statements in modern astrology helped her appreciate the history and practical need for traditional astrology in current times.  She is certified in Medieval astrology through the Robert Zoller school of Medieval astrology as well as completing the course for weather astrology by Carolyn Egan.

Using astrology for practical needs is her focus.  Important events like a wedding, honeymoon or selling/buying a house deserve careful thought and planning to optimize the outcome.  This type of astrology is ancient, it has been practiced as long as astrology has been around.  If you know ahead of time what the planets are doing why wouldn’t you pick the best “birth” time for your life event?

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