You can get t-shirts, hoodies, or a pajama set that says “Yes…Mercury is Retrograde!” Here you can grab a tee shirt that lets everyone know when Mercury is retrograde, it does happen fairly often.  The link will take you to the Planet Blast Store. The items are made and shipped by Cafe Press.

Yes…Mercury is Retrograde!

mini-pic-blk-hoodieBlack Hoodie Pull Over BUY

mini-pic-blk-teeBlack Crew Neck Tee BUY

mini-pic-pj-setBlack & Plaid PJ Set BUY

mini-pic-wht-teeWhite Crew Neck Tee BUY

mini-pic-wht-zip-hoodieWhite Zip Front Hoodie BUY

mini-pic-blk-ls-teeBlack Long Sleeve Tee   BUY