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Testimonial for Year Ahead Report

Today I was excited to receive my 2017 Astrological Chart for the year Ahead from Planet Blast.  It was nicely laid out, easy to understand, by sections as follows:  The Solar Returns (from birthday to birthday),  Days to get things accomplished, days to lay low, and secondary progressions (for things that move through your life at a slow pace such as 2 months – 20+ years in my case).  I feel with this easy to read format, I will be able to plan events and career changes, and what to avoid.  I look forward to working with this and using it as a tool to enhance my life.
Randy C


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Monthly Blast Report- FREE  (with email signup)     This is the monthly newsletter for choosing things like a weekend getaway trip or a party in the month ahead. You’ll get the low down on the major planetary happenings for the month.

***If you’ve never had your birth chart calculated then you can click the link and type your birth information in for a free chart. FREE Birth Chart-Click here



Time it Right!

 Special Event Report,  choose the best possible time to start an event, select a wedding date, choose a honeymoon location, buy a house or launch a product.  If you need a start date and time for one event, like a wedding, then choose the 1 event button down below. If you have several stages to an event, like one announcement,  one event, and one weather forecast for event, then choose the 3 events button down below. If you aren’t sure email me! Contact@planetblast.com

1 event- $99
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Weather Forecast for Event

 You can find out the weather for any location months, or a year in advance. This is great for a cruise or international travel that has to be booked months or years in advance. Or maybe you just want to know if there will be snow the weekend you want to go skiing. Would you like avoid flooding or a tsunami? If you have questions email me Contact@planetblast.com

1 day- $99
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Year Ahead Report

    These reports are for an individual to plan the coming year(s). When is a good time for a career change? What months are good for dating? Should you move to another city? These are the practical types of issues everyone can use help with. Most reports offered by other people only include transits and solar return charts in their analysis for upwards of $200. I offer you two levels to choose from. I write these myself, I do not use any software generated content for writing these reports.  A 100% accurate birth time is required for these charts. Reach me at Contact@planetblast.com

Level 1- Transits, Solar Returns and Secondary Progressions, & Eclipses. $99
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Level 2-All the above + Medieval system of Profection and Firdaria $180
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